Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Magnificent Ko Olina Sunset

The sunset at Ko Olina Beach was simply spectacular! That was a surprise after it was pouring rain an hour earlier.

Wedding Cake & Cider at Ko Olina Beach

Spencer & Claudia celebrate their wedding with a little Hawaiian style "Haupia" wedding cake and a cold bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider.

Rainbow at Ko Olina

Spencer & Claudia must have brought some rain with them from Oregon, 
but a Hawaiian Rainbow came out when the rain stopped.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Stunning Photos at Ko Olina Beach

May 20th was a perfect day in Ko Olina. The photos couldn't be better! 

Keith & Kimberly

Happy Couple
Such a Beautiful Wedding Photo at Ko Olina Beach!

Big Smiles & Big Waves

The smiles are bright and the waves are pounding,
a PERFECT Hawaiian wedding photo!

Pick up the Bride

Family Photo
Kimberly enjoys the full support of her three sons!

Pour the Bubbly

Beach Refreshment
Pour the Bride a cold refreshing drink at the beach.
Beach Weddings

A Sweet Hawaiian Wedding

It's nice to "taste" your wedding for a sweeter wedding experience :)

Flower Girl

Wedding Photos
Add some rich color to your Wedding photos with a Tropical Flower Bouquet.

Ring Exchange at Ko Olina

Black & White
Bride & Groom exchange Wedding rings at Ko Olina Beach.
Hawaii Wedding

Exchanging Flower Leis

Wedding Flowers
Rev. Jofrey talks about the flower leis. Flowers add color and beauty to the wedding ceremony.
Lei Exchange

Hawaii Wedding Minister

May 20 Ko Olina Beach Wedding

Hawaii Destination WeddingsKeith & Kimberly's wedding at Ko Olina Beach is simply stunning!

Wedding Kisses

Pounding Waves at Ko Olina

Ko Olina Beach
Waves crashing on the rocks at Ko Olina Beach.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beautiful Sandy Beach in Ko Olina

Ko Olina Wedding

This beach has it all, deep golden sand, lava rocks, coconut trees 
and a tropical beach cove.

Tropical Scene

David & Kristina at Ko Olina

Ko Olina Beach

Blue Sky Wedding
The blue sky at Ko Olina Beach is simply stunning! Awesome weather for David & Kristina's wedding.

May 14 Ko Olina Beach Wedding

Secluded Beach

Exchanging Leis
David & Kristina look so happy at their Hawaii Wedding at Ko Olina Beach. Their smiles say it all!
Hawaiian Wedding