Tuesday, November 12, 2013


BeautifulSunset Wedding
Ko Olina Beach

The sunset at Ko Olina Beach is simply spectacular! What a perfect day!

Waves at Ko Olina

Nice Wedding Photo
Beautiful waves lap the shore at Ko Olina Beach.

Exchange of Rings

Hawaiian wedding
Kevin & Cassandra exchange wedding rings at Ko Olina Beach.
Wedding Rings

Nov 12 Wedding at Ko Olina

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Rev. Bob performs Kevin & Cassandra's wedding at Ko Olina Beach.
Ko Olina Beach
Happy Couple

Kevin & Cassandra's Wedding at Ko Olina

'Ko Olina Wedding
Bridal Dream

Handsome couple Kevin & Cassandra at Ko Olina Beach on West Oahu.
Photos by Robert Hamilton.

Bride in Hawaii

Great shot of Bride Cassandra at Ko Olina Beach.

Best Man!

Nice Tux
 Kevin brought his BEST MAN!
Ring Bearer

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ko Olina Silhouette

Beautiful sunset colors come out in this silhouette photo.


Lanikuhonua Estate makes a lovely backdrop for these Ko Olina Wedding photos.

See more photos from the Circle Island Tour we did the following day.

Same shot, two Photographers

Nice to see the differences you get when there are two Photographers.

Nice Golden Sand at Ko Olina

The sand at Ko Olina Beach (and North Shore Oahu) is a nice golden color and looks great in the photos.

Kiss on the Rocks

Love this scenery with coconut trees, beach, ocean and rocks. It has it all!

Signing the Marriage Licence

Hawaii Wedding
bridal dream hawaii
Hawaii Marriage License Bride & Groom sign their Hawaii Marriage License. Robert and Lance take photos from different angles.

Jason & Traci's Wedding at Ko Olina Beach

Jason & Traci get married at Ko Olina Beach. Ceremony by Rev. Jofrey, wedding photos by Robert Hamilton.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunset at Ko Olina

The Ko Olina sunset is so beautiful I just have to add these wedding photos to the gallery.

One of the Year's Best Sunsets!

Ko Olina Beach
This sunset at Lanikuhonua Beach is one of the best in 2013!

Lovely Bride Sandra

 Lovely Bride Sandra really captures the eye, 
and the golden sunset matches her beautiful skin tone.

Beautiful Pic!

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Ko Olina Wedding Photos
I love pics of pics. And this pic is quite a pick! Top: photo by Robert
Bottom: photo by Lance

Photographer Robert with Sandra & Casey

Photographer Robert shows our wedding couple how the photos are coming along.
*(These 3 photos taken by his son.)

Perfect Beach

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Ko Olina Weddings
Hawaii Weddings
Ko Olina Beach was a bit crowded, so we hiked around the rocks to
this nice secluded beach called "Lanikuhonua Beach".

Nice Pics at the Hotel

Wedding PhotosBridal Dream Hawaii
 The resort in Ko Olina is a tropical paradise.