Friday, January 22, 2016

Secret Beach

Ko Olina Cove
This beach is called "Secret Beach". What was a secret is that it is still accessible during hotel renovations if you don't mind hiking around a big fence.
Bridal Dream Hawaii

Beautiful Sunset!

Great day for a sunset at Ko Olina Beach!

Ko Olina Bride


Brides of Hawaii

White Rose Bouquet
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Jena poses with her beautiful white rose bouquet. See her at: Brides of Hawaii

Ko Olina Beach

Ko Olina Hawaii
It was worth the hike over the rocks to reach this beautiful and secluded beach in Ko Olina!
Bridal Dream Hawaii

Happy Day

Shanon & Jena

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Shanon and Jena getting married at Ko Olina Beach with family & friends celebrating.
Wedding Party

Ko Olina
Hawaii Wedding Minister